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2019-01-01  |  Seminars
Maximize RF Performance of your PMR Network

Productivity and Optimization are the Key Factors to Maximizing RF Performance of Your PMR Network

To maximize the RF performance of your PMR network requires a close look at digital PMR technologies and what impacts that performance of portable and mobile devices and how they impact the overall performance of your network. P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 systems, as well as DMR and NXDN systems utilize specific measurements that, if not done correctly, will significantly impact the performance and range of coverage of your network.

When evaluating the capabilities of your next Radio Test Set, you should understand the following:

• Does the test set have the core base accuracies to really perform the tests to Technical
  and OEM specifications?

• To the accuracies of the test set allow you to test and align the radio to meet the published
  technical standards (TIA/EIA-102 for P25 and ETSI TS 102-361 for DMR).

• Why older analog and even currently available test systems cannot adequately align and
  test today’s new digital radio systems.


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