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Power Electronics Design: Evolving Materials and Tests

2019-07-16  |  News
Power Electronics Design: Evolving Materials and Tests

Power Electronics Design: Evolving Materials and Tests

Transitioning from silicon to wide bandgap semiconductors such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride means that power module designs can be physically smaller than what came before, while also increasing MOSFET switching speed and energy efficiency. As competitive pressures make these design parameters more critical, design engineers must reevaluate their approaches to validation and testing.

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Power Electronics Design


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3 Series MDO Oscilloscope

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• Optional built-in function generator
• Wide range of serial bus decoding and triggering options
• Less than 6-inches deep on the bench

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4 Series MSO Oscilloscope

200 MHz – 1.5 GHz • 4 or 6 Channels

• The largest 13.3-inch HD (1920x1080) capacitive touch display in its class
• Up to 6 FlexChannel® inputs
• 12-bit vertical resolution; up to 16 bits in High Res mode
• Optional built-in function generator
• Support for over 20 serial bus protocols

Starting at $7,550

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