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Measuring Power Supply Switching Loss with an Oscilloscope

2019-12-30  |  News
Measuring Power Supply Switching Loss

Measuring Power Supply Switching Loss with an Oscilloscope

Application Note

Losses due to dissipation in switching devices such as MOSFET's and IGBT's contribute significantly to the overall losses in switch mode power supplies. This application note explains how to measure switching loss and conduction loss in power supply switches using an oscilloscope equipped with a current probe and differential voltage probe. It covers both manual and automated techniques, along with guidance on making connections.
Learn all about:

• Conduction Loss

• Turn-on Loss

• Measuring Switching Loss

• Probing and Measurement Setup

• Measuring Switch Loss

• Manual Setup and Built-in Measurements

• Automated Using Power Analysis Software

• Slew Rate and Switching Loss

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