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Import and Export of Data and Settings via USB cable

2018-04-23  |  App Notes

App Note


Import and Export of Data and settings via USB cable

Media transfer protocol (MTP)

MTP is used to transfer files from portable devices, e.g. from the R&S®RTB2000/RTM3000/RTA4000 digital oscilloscope to a PC via USB cable. The protocol lets you access photo and audio contents and other media when the device is plugged into a PC’s USB port. MTP is part of the Windows Media framework. In 2008, the USB Implementors Forum included MTP as part of the USB specification.

USB connection

Connect your PC to the R&S®RTB2000/RTM3000/RTA4000 via a USB cable. The PC’s USB host port (type A) connects to the USB device port (type B) on the rear of the oscil-loscope. Similar to a popup message that appears when connecting a mobile phone to a PC, the PC shows a popup message asking if you would like to connect to the oscilloscope.


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