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Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

2020-01-31  |  App Notes

Rohde & Schwarz


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8 Instruments in 1: ScopeRider Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

With the power of eight instruments the R&S®️ScopeRider provides the capabilities and the flexibility needed for debugging all kinds of electronic systems in the lab and in the field.

R&S®️RTH Scope Rider

Rohde & Schwarz RTH Scope Rider

Lab performance in a rugged, portable design.

When debugging embedded devices in the lab or analyzing complex problems in the field, the R&S®️Scope Rider offers the performance and capabilities of a lab oscilloscope as well as the form factor and ruggedness of a battery-operated handheld device. Isolated channels combined with 500 MHz bandwidth makes it a perfect choice for power electronics applications. An integrated multimeter (two-channel model) or a multimeter mode (four-channel model) make the instrument the perfect tool for troubleshooting all kinds of electronics problems.

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