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Accurate and Fast Power Integrity Measurements from Rohde & Schwarz
2019-08-27  |  App Notes  

RT-ZPR20 - Accurate Power Integrity

Wireless Infrastructure Maintenance with a USB-driven VNA
2019-08-22  |  App Notes
Wireless infrastructure encompasses a broad range of radio technologies, antennas, towers, and frequencies. Radio networks are built from this infrastructure and from mobile radios—the radios used by municipal and commercial customers to communicate over licensed frequency bands.
Optimizing VNA Measurement Speed
2019-08-22  |  App Notes
Users of Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) often need to estimate and strive to optimize their instrument’s measurement speed. Many RF Engineers are interested in the tradeoffs between speed, accuracy and resolution in VNA measurements, especially those striving to achieve optimal automation of the instrument integrated in a larger measurement system or production environment. This application note details the determining factors for measurement cycle time in Copper Mountain Technologies VNAs.
Calibration Types & Considerations
2019-08-21  |  App Notes
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Copper Mountain Technologies’ sales and support departments goes something like this: “What about calibration?”
Testing and Matching PCB Antennas
2019-08-20  |  App Notes
Connecting to an Antenna Under Test (AUT) integral to a Device (DUT) may involve some tradeoffs between measurement accuracy, electrical considerations, and mechanical ruggedness. In this paper, we describe some aspects of this connection with practical advice for such test and measurement scenarios.
Getting Started with the CMT VNA: Top 10 Tips for Making Measurements
2019-08-20  |  App Notes
The examples in this document are based on working with the S5048 model but apply to most of the Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs. These tips will help you use your VNA with ease and get more intuitive results.
How to Test AC Sources with an AC Electronic Load
2019-07-18  |  App Notes  

This short blog will help you better test your products with an AC electronic load.

Everything You Ever Want to Know About Decibels
2019-07-17  |  App Notes  

dB or not dB? Learn all there is to know about decibels.

EV Powertrain Testing Challenges & Solutions
2019-04-17  |  App Notes
NH Research | EV Powertrain Testing Challenges & Solutions | Application Note
Debug SPMI Power Management Buses with an Oscilloscope
2019-03-08  |  App Notes
Best practices and techniques for designers working with SPMI buses.

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