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Buy a 3920B and Pay for it in 6 Months, or Less!


Trade In your Old Radio Test Set for a New 3920B
- and we'll help you pay for it in 6 months or less!

Now is your chance to SAVE BIG!

Key Performance Specifications:

◦ RF signal generator with SSB phase noise of -110 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset

◦ Sensitive receiver for making accurate measurements

◦ Full spectrum analyzer and tracking generator with displayed average noise level of -140 dBm


This promotion is only valid until December 31st 2018!
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3920B Configuration:

*This is an example configuration only, contact us for more details on options

3920B Series Digital Radio Test Set with analog AM and FM
390XOPT061 Tracking Generator
390XOPT200 P25 Conventional Operation
390XOPT218 Autotest II for P25 Radio
390XOPT400 DMR
390XOPT604 Motorola APX Series Autotest
390XOPT610 Motorola MOTOTRBO Series Autotest

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