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V2X Emulator

In partnership with Tata Elxsi, Spirent has developed a V2X test bed that can be used for validation and performance benchmarking of V2X applications running on V2X ECUs. The V2X test bed provides the ability to bring real-world traffic scenarios into the LAB and thereby significantly reduces costs and time associated with extensive field testing. It is the ideal test environment for testing and performance benchmarking of V2X applications, in various stages of the development cycle, such as from early research up to pre-production.

Features & Benefits

Spirent sets the standard for testing the network environment with unparalleled realism and test packages for:

  • Create field scenarios around real road topologies using Google maps
  • Create traffic conditions involving multiple emulated On Board Units and Road Side Units
  • Test V2X security features of the participating OBUs and RSUs
  • Accurate position simulation for the V2X ECU under test using a Spirent GNSS simulator
  • Also simulate various atmospheric conditions that can have an impact on the accuracy of the GNSS receiver of the ECU under test
  • Re-create actual real world channel conditions within the lab using Spirent’s VR5 wireless channel emulator integrated into the test bed
  • CAN simulation for the device under test (DUT) using DG technologies Gryphon S4, integrated into the test bed
  • Record and play back of field test scenarios within the lab environment
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