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RF and Microwave Signal Generator

Replaced previous SMB100A

Versatile, compact, up to 40 GHz; 170 GHz with upconverter

Perfect combination of performance and usability in a compact size

The R&S®SMB100B RF signal generator is all about performance and versatility in a small footprint. Outstanding spectral purity and very high output power combined with comprehensive functionality and very simple operation are some of the impressive features of the R&S®SMB100B. It offers a frequency range from 8 kHz to 1 GHz, 3 GHz or 6 GHz.

Key Features

  • Frequency range from 8 kHz to 1 GHz, 3 GHz or 6 GHz
  • Outstanding single sideband (SSB) phase noise of
  • Very low wideband noise of
  • Ultra high output power of 34 dBm (meas.) at 1 GHz
  • Compact form factor with 2 HU and ¾ 19" width
*NOTE: a Frequency Range option MUST be added to the base unit*
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