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Terminated Switching Solutions

If your application requires a terminated configuration, the System 46T will meet your needs. This compact switching system leverages the same design technology of our standard unterminated System 46. This terminated version can accommodate up to eight terminated SPDT coaxial microwave relays and four terminated multi-pole coaxial microwave relays.

Maximum Flexibility

In addition to the terminated configurations, the System 46T also has provisions to accommodate up to four transfer switches (DPDT) as well as frequency ranges up to 26.5GHz. Other options include adding unterminated multi-throw and SPDT switches. Please review the Ordering Information section for allowable configurations.

Simple Operation

The S46T switch system’s 32 control channels can be operated via the IEEE-488 interface bus with a minimal set of instructions. This small instruction set ensures the system can be set up and running quickly. Front panel LEDs indicate the status of all relay contacts continuously to allow the user to monitor system operation easily.

Excellent Microwave Switching Performance

Keithley’s experience and partnerships with leading manufacturers in the microwave relay industry allow Keithley to offer the lowest insertion loss, VSWR, and crosstalk performance specifications available. Low-loss, semi-flexible RF cables are available as accessories to maximize signal integrity. Maximum System Up-Time and Enhanced System Performance The S46T controller automatically counts relay contact closures to allow equipment maintenance personnel to assess when the relays are nearing the end of their mechanical life. In this way, preventive maintenance can be performed in a timely way during scheduled shutdowns, avoiding unplanned shutdowns and the resulting loss of production time.

In addition to counting contact closures, the S46T has a portion of its memory available to store S-parameters or calibration constants for each relay contact or each pathway. If a specific performance parameter is critical, such as Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) or insertion loss, the parameter can be stored in memory for use in trend analysis between scheduled maintenance shutdowns. Stored parameters can also be used for compensation to enhance accuracy during RF measurements.

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