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High bandwidth, high sensitivity, very low noise and an extra-large offset compensation make the R&S®RT-ZPR20/40 power rail probes excellent probes for power integrity measurements. An integrated highly accurate DC voltmeter provides instantaneous DC voltage readout.

Up to 4.0 GHz bandwidth and very low added noise

Low voltages with tight tolerances make testing power rails difficult. Not only do newer power rails require more precise low-voltage measurements, but the rails are susceptible to coupling from high-speed clocks and RF sources.

Measuring small voltages riding on large DC offsets

The oscilloscopes' built-in offset is typically not sufficient to zoom in and to accurately measure peak-to-peak voltage on DC power rails. This makes accurate ripple measurements impossible. With ±60 V offset compensation range, the R&S®RT-ZPR power rail probes allow users to zoom in on DC voltages with high offset. Whether you need to zoom in on a 1 V power rail or something much higher, the probe provides the needed offset.

R&S®ProbeMeter – integrated high-accuracy DC voltmeter

While other oscilloscopes are limited to showing a waveform view of power rails under test, the R&S®RT-ZPR power rail probes additionally incorporate a high-accuracy DC voltmeter to quickly see rail values. The integrated DC voltmeter with an input voltage range of ±60 V monitors long-term drift of the DC level with high accuracy. Combined with the ripple voltage observed at the oscilloscope, you can see at any time whether the power supply ripple leaves the permitted operating voltage window of the DUT.

Comprehensive accessories included

The R&S®RT-ZPR power rail probes standardly come with solder-in cables for broadband probing and a 350 MHz browser kit to easily measure at different places on a PCB or to verify the DC power supply using the R&S®ProbeMeter.

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