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RTO2000 Series

Key facts

  • Bandwidth: 600 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Max. sample rate: 20 Gsample/s
  • Max. memory depth: 2 Gsample
  • Vertical resolution: up to 16-bit with HD mode option
  • MSO: 16 digital channels, optional, retrofittable

Engineered for multi-domain challenges

Offering bandwidths from 600 MHz to 6 GHz, R&S® RTO2000 oscilloscopes excel at both time domain and frequency domain testing. Thanks to excellent signal fidelity, responsiveness of 1 million waveforms/s and up to 16-bit vertical resolution, you can measure quickly with confidence. The capacitive touchscreen with SmartGrid makes this oscilloscope easy and intuitive use.

  • I Quickly find signal faults with 1 million waveforms/s
  • I 2 Gsample deep memory to analyze long sequences
  • I Up to 16-bit vertical resolution
  • IMulti-channel spectrum analysis
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