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The PSD90-1C Universal AC/DC Capacitance Test Set will test any AC or DC Capacitive Fuel, Water, LOX or Engine Oil Quantity System*. The PSD90-1C has features that allow the user to better troubleshoot and isolate fuel system problems. Rugged in design, the unit can be used anywhere testing and troubleshooting is required. Capable of being operated with external power, the PSD90-1C is ideal for shop or Depot Level repair of fuel system components.

Key Features:

• Easy to operate/calibrate
• Annual calibration
• Lightweight / portable
• Rechargeable battery or externally powered
• Percent of battery capacity displayed
• Self-test on power-up
• Measures DC voltage
• Manual or Auto Ranging
• 2 and 3 Wire Meggar
• Compliant with Boeing Spec 10-61959 Rev H
• MIL-STD-810 Method 511.4 certified
• Traceable to NIST
• Tests any AC or DC capacitive fuel, water, LOX/engine oil or other AC capacitive system*

Availability: 4-6 weeks

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