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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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The R&S®FSV and the R&S®FSVA are a family of versatile signal and spectrum analyzers for users working in the development, production, installation and servicing of RF systems.

Its high dynamic range and low phase noise make the R&S®FSVA the perfect instrument for demanding spectral measurements such as ACLR measurements on narrowband signals and phase noise measurements with the R&S®FSV-K40 option.

The optional YIG preselector bypass allows signal analysis with up to 160 MHz analysis bandwidth over the instrument’s full frequency range, up to 40 GHz.

Together with the PC based R&S®VSE signal analysis software and the R&S®VSE-K6 pulse measurement option, the R&S®FSVA signal and spectrum analyzer delivers an in-depth pulse analysis solution. The software displays all relevant parameters such as pulse duration, pulse period, pulse rise and fall times, power drop across a pulse and intrapulse phase modulation, and produces a trend analysis over many pulses.

Key Features

  • Frequency range up to 4/7/13.6/30/40 GHz

  • Up to 160 MHz signal analysis bandwidth

  • Convenient, intuitive operation with touchscreen based user interface

  • 0.4 dB level measurement uncertainty up to 7 GHz

  • Low displayed average noise level (DANL) (e.g. typ. –168 dBm (1 Hz) for the R&S®FSVA)

  • High third-order intercept (TOI) (e.g. typ. 20 dBm for the R&S®FSVA)

  • Very low phase noise (e.g. typ. –118 dBc (1 Hz) at 1 GHz and 10 kHz offset for the R&S®FSVA)

  • General-purpose measurement applications for phase noise, noise figure, vector signal analysis, analog demodulation, EMI diagnostics

  • Wireless measurement applications for LTE (including LTE-Advanced), WLAN (including IEEE 802.11ac), WCDMA/HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, GSM/EDGE, CDMA2000®/1xEV-DO, Bluetooth®

  • Frequency range up to 500 GHz with harmonics mixers

  • Keeping test data confidential with removable solid state or hard disk drives

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Frequency Range


10 Hz to 4 GHz


10 Hz to 7.5 GHz


10 Hz to 13.6 GHz

Aging of Frequency Reference

1 x 10^-6 per year

with R&S®FSV3-B4 option

1 x 10^-7 per year


standard filter

1 Hz to 10 MHz

Resolution bandwidths

RRC filter

18 kHz (NAdC), 24.3 kHz (TETRA), 3.84 MHz (3GPP), 4.096 MHz

channel filter

100 Hz to 5 MHz

video filter

100 Hz to 5 MHz

I/Q demodulation bandwidth


28 MHz

with R&S®FSV3-B40 option

40 MHz

with R&S®FSV3-B200 option

200 MHz

with R&S®FSV3-B400 option

400 MHz

Phase Noise

1 GHz Carrier

1 kHz offset

< - 115 dBc

10 kHz offset

< - 120 dBc

100 kHz offset

< - 125 dBc

1 MHz offset

< - 137 dBc

Displayed average noise level (DANL)

1 GHz

-153 dBm (typ.)

DANL with preamplifier (R&S®FSV3-B24 option)

50 MHz ≤ f < 7.5 GHz

-167 dBm (typ.)


Third-order intercept (TOI)

1 GHz

> 17 dBm, typ. 20 dBm

Total measurement uncertainty

2 GHz

0.29 dB

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