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Rohde & Schwarz UPP200

Two-Channel Audio Analyzer

Key Features:

• Parallel measurements for high throughput
• High measurement speed throughout the system
• Ideal for use in production
• Multichannel measurements via cascading
• Generation of a wide variety of analog and digital test signals
• Broad scope of measurements on both analog and digital interfaces
• Powerful and even multichannel FFT analysis with resolution down to below 1 Hz
• User-programmable filters that can be adapted in seconds to the individual measurement task
• Integrated control PC; manual operation requires only an external monitor and a mouse and keyboard
• Two-, four-, or eight-channel analyzer with analog inputs
• Analog generator outputs (two-channel)
• AES/EBU and S/P DIF interfaces for measuring digital audio components
• I²S interfaces for testing audio ICs
• HDMI device testing
• Interfaces for the generator and analyzer can be set independently of one another and used together in any combination
• State-of-the-art and intuitive user interface makes operation quick and easy to learn
• All measurement results at a glance

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