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Heinzinger electronic in connection with power units has for 50 years been synonymous with technically high-quality and high-precision power supply solutions in the high-current and high-voltage industry. The Heinzinger brand is a registered trademark of Heinzinger electronic GmbH today and vouches for precisely these virtues; technically sophisticated solutions and highly precise DC power units of cutting-edge technology.


High Precision DC Power Supplies ... and more. Heinzinger® power units have been employed quite successfully for many years in industry, research and development for a broad range of applications. You will find in our production range precision power units for high-voltage up to 300,000 Volt and more as well as high-current power units for currents up to 10,000 Ampere in the low-voltage range. Whether high voltage, high current or high output; Heinzinger® power units are renowned  world-wide for their precision and reliability. A comprehensive package of options makes it possible to adapt the power units optimally to the most diverse applications. Beyond that we also offer customised solutions and OEM products


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