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Elektro-Automatik EL 9000B 3U-6U Series

High-performance FPGA (Field-Programmable-Gate-Array Lattice ECP3LFE17EA) allowing complex control settings and operations, up to 10 times faster programming-reaction time.

Bandwidth for U, I, P and R measurements = 1 MHz for all signals at once

Highly isolated structure, therefore much less sensitive against disturbances under operation (higher immunity, higher reliability)

EMI compliant to EN 61000-6-3, EN 55022 class B (meets EMI requirement for residential-, commercial- and light-industrial environment)

Active suppression in the DC-input circuit, oscillations typically caused by long DC leads or unexpected impedances by the DC source connected are significantly reduced.

Thermal management, a two-time over-load capability is provided (except 500V/750V models). If subject to an overheating condition, no unit will be “hard” switched off but softly be de-rating down to the minimum (e.g. 0W).

Input-filter protection circuit, preventing damage caused by DC voltage applied that may have a high-frequency AC part.

Standard on-board 2-way Interface: Analogue 0-5V/0-10V and USB (all galvanically isolated) as well as intelligent Slot, enables users to retrofit manifold digital interfaces (such as CAN, CANopen, Ethernet, Devicenet, Modbus, Profibus/net and more) at any time.

Share-bus function in connection with laboratory power supplies series PS and PSI 9000 2U and 3U, to form e.g. a source-sink/2Q solution.

TFT Touch Display with 64.000 colours with integrated comfortable function generator

(default waveforms: sinus, triangle, rectangular, trapezoid, DIN 40838/car, arbitrary, ramp, IU/IU) as well as alarm manager

Summary function in master-slave parallel operation, equal power-sharing/load distribution

User-calibration function: Upon a local servicing/repair, the user may measure the deviation values himself and key in the correction values into the menu to restore ex-factory precision

High resolution of up to 16 Bit (very fine programming and read-back steps)

Voltage accuracy 0.1% of nominal

Professional user control software for up to 20 devices (license fee applies)

Safety compliant to IEC/EN 61010

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Adjustable, programmable, 19” 3U rack-mount format

Gorilla glass TFT touch display, versatile function generator, user profiles, battery-discharge mode

Active oscillation suppression, efficient protective input filter, advanced thermal management

On board 2-way interface (USB/analogue), Plug N’ Play slot for retrofitting additional interfaces such as Ethernet, CAN, CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, RS232 and more

Voltages 0-80V up to 0-750VDC

Currents 0-20A up to 0-510A

Powers 1.2kW up to 7.2kW

System power up to 130kW

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