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Elektro-Automatik EL 9000B 15U-24U Series

The new series EA-EL 9000 B 15U and EA-EL 9000 B 24U extend the electronic load series EA-EL 9000 B 3U with high power models in mobile 19” cabinets. There is a choice of 20 different configurations with various power ratings. A cabinet system is considered as a single electronic load
device with extended power, with manual handling and remote control being usual, while offering the same features like the standard models
of EA-EL 9000 B 3U series.

There are two cabinet sizes with 15U or 24U, which are equipped with 3 to 6 load units, depending on the model. Some models even offer to further extend the available power by adding another load unit through retrofitting.

The cabinets have lockable rear and front doors, as well as four casters which can be fixed. The system will be shipped completely configured and
will be ready to use right after installation on location.

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