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Elektro-Automatik Series EL 9000

Series EL 9000 Conventional electronic loads 2,4 up to 7,2 kW

Conventional electronic loads, linear technology, adjustable and programmable

Input voltages0-80 VDC up to 0-750 VDC

Input currents 0-25 ADC up to 0-600 ADC

Power 2.4 kW up to 7.2 kW (systems up to 86.4 kW)

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Power ratings: 0...2400W up to 0...7200W

Cabinets withigher power upon request

Input voltages: 0...80V, 0...160V, 0...400V, 0...750V

Input currents: 0...25A up to 0...600A

Resistances: 0...1.2Ω up to 0...800Ω

Overtemperature protection (OT)

Pulsed operation witadjustable duty cycle and variable rise/fall time

Operation modes

Constant current (CC)

Constant voltage (CV)

Constant power (CP)

Constant resistance (CR)

Remote sensing, trigger input

Battery test mode wittime and capacity counter

Optional, digital interface cards

RS232, CAN, USB, GPIB (IEEE), Ethernet

Optional water cooling

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