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When Power Requirements Go Beyond the Catalog

AMETEK Programmable Power Solutions (PPS) provides engineered power solutions that require "outside the box" thinking, and sometimes far outside the box development. PPS works directly with customers to develop application specific power solutions through modified standard products, integrated power systems using standard products, or fully customized solutions. PPS has performed hundreds of cost effective, value-added power integration solutions across dozens of market segments worldwide, spanning:

  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Commercial & defense ATE
  • Oil exploration
  • Solar array & battery string simulation
  • Cloud computing
  • Water purification
  • Advanced R&D

Why spend the time, money and resources trying to solve your custom power conversion challenges on your own when you can let AMETEK PPS handle it for you! Take just 30 seconds now to submit a FREE consultation request. Ask us how now! click here

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