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Ametek Asterion DC 5kW Series

Sorensen™ Asterion® DC Fixed Range & Autoranging Programmable Power Supply with Touch Screen Display (1.7/3.4/5.0 kW, 40 & 60 V, 28 -125 A)

The Sorensen™ Asterion® DC Series is the newest addition to the Asterion platform of power testing solutions. The new DC series features two types of product lines: fixed range and autoranging. The fixed range supplies are economical, traditional rectangular wave output power supplies with all the enhanced operation advantages standard with the Asterion platform. The autoranging supplies feature expanded current and voltage range at the full output power level, enabling the ability to satisfy a wider testing need without requiring the purchase of additional models. Initial voltages offered are 40 V and 60 V, with current up to 125 A.

    Advanced Features

  • High power density in a 1U chassis up to 5kW

  • Fixed or autoranging output models

  • Intuitive touch panel control

  • Multi-language display for global operation

  • RAuto paralleling for higher power

  • Active power factor correction (PFC)

  • Standard LXI LAN, USB, and RS232 interfaces

  • Full remote control via Virtual PanelsTM

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