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Ametek RS Series

90kVA - 540kVA High power AC and DC Power Source

Advanced Features:

  • High Power AC and DC Power Source Programmable AC and DC power for frequency conversion and product test applications
  • Expandable Power Levels Available output power of 90 kVA per unit and multi-unit configurations for power requirements up to 540 kVA and above
  • Arbitrary & Harmonic Waveform Generation User defined voltage waveform and distortion programming
  • Regenerative, bidirectional “Green” Power Solution Automatic crossover between Source and Sink power mode offers regenerative capabilities in AC, AC+DC and DC modes. Regenerate up to 100% of the rated output power back to the utility grid during sink mode operation. ( -SNK option )
  • Remote Control Standard RS232, USB, IEEE with optional LAN and External Drive interfaces are available for automated and hardware in-the-loop test applications.

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