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Emona ESSB-30 and SIGEx

Emona Signal Processing Trainer ETT-311

SIGEx: Multi-experiment Single Board

“Signals and Systems” Trainer for the popular NI ELVIS™ platform
Designed specifically for 1st & 2nd Year University and Community College courses

A unique hands-on approach to help students understand this abstract topic, bringing theory and application together in the lab

How does SIGEx help students understand “Signals & Systems” & signal processing theory better?

The EMONA SIGEx board and comprehensive Lab Manual and closely follows the typical curriculum encountered by engineering students and is based on leading textbooks on this topic. By having hands-on modules which students patch together according to the block diagram in the lab, students can build actual working implementations of the theoretical structures they are studying. This enhances their understanding and reduces the number of students who “just don’t get it”. Every theoretical topic has an equivalent lab implementation so students can see the “maths come alive” in the lab.

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