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Emona DATEx

Emona Telecoms Trainer ETT-202 DATEx

Multi-experiment Single Board Telecoms Trainer for the popular NI ELVIS™ platform
Designed specifically for 1st & 2nd Year University and Community College courses

  • Emona Telecoms-Trainer 202, known as DATEx, plugs into the NI ELVIS™ platform, operating in local mode and under LabVIEW™
  • An excellent “hands-on” experiment system, implementing the well established “block diagram approach” to building
  • Supported by a comprehensive Lab Manual written for younger students in introductory classes
  • Unrivalled with a wide range of modern communications topics in one compact trainer
  • Local control and also remote control via the ETT-202 SFP virtual instrument on LabVIEW™
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