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Mulitfunction I/O Device USB-6363


The USB‑6363 offers analog I/O, digital I/O, and four 32‑bit counters/timers for PWM, encoder, frequency, event counting, and more. Onboard NI‑STC3 timing and synchronization technology delivers advanced timing functionality, including independent analog and digital timing engines and re-triggerable measurement tasks. The USB‑6363 is well suited for a broad range of applications, from basic data logging to control and test automation. The included NI‑DAQmx driver and configuration utility simplify configuration and measurements.

The Multifunction I/O Device features I/O with varying channels, sample rates, output rates, and other features to meet many common measurement requirements. You can use the device for industry applications such as laboratory automation, research, and design verification. The included DAQExpress companion software provides basic measurement and analysis, while the included NI-DAQmx driver provides the ability to create customized automated measurement and control applications. NI-DAQmx supports NI programming environments as well as Python, ANSI C, C#.NET, and MathWorks MATLAB® software.

Model Specifications

  • Bus Connector: USB 2.0
  • Maximum number of single-ended input channels: 32
  • Maximum number of differential analog input channels: 16
  • Simultaneous sampling: No
  • Maximum sample rate: 2 MS/s
  • Analog input resolution: 16 bits
  • Analog input absolute accuracy: 1660 µV
  • Number of analog output channels: 4
  • Maximum update rate: 2.86 MS/s
  • Number of bidirectional digital channels: 48
  • Number of counters/timers: 4
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