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9510 Regenerative Grid Simulator Series

The 9510 Regenerative Grid Simulator is the industry leading solution for testing and verification of high power grid-tied applications in compliance with regulatory testing standards, worldwide. The 9510 has a built-in power amplifier mode for Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) applications providing further testing and simulation capability ideal for research labs. Select power levels ranging from 50kW, 75kW or 100kW modules. Modular and scalable power is available in 100kW modules up to 1.2MW. Programmable frequency is between 30 Hz and 120 Hz. The output can be AC, DC or AC+DC and the AC can be single, split or 3-Phase. With this wide range of power, frequency, and phase configuration options, the 9510 provides the ultimate flexibility to test the broadest selection of grid-tied products.

Key Features

  • Regenerative AC/DC Grid Simulator and Power Amplifier optimized for PHIL applications
  • 50kW, 75kW, 100kW power modules
  • Modular & scalable AC power from 100kW to 1.2MW
  • AC Load option: Modules can be configured as Regenerative AC/DC Grid Simulator or 4-Q AC Load
  • Widest True-Power Operating Envelope (Voltage and Current)
  • Galvanic Isolation – output, channel to channel UUT
  • High power density with small footprint
  • Multiple phase and DC capability covers all utility source and load requirements
  • Programmable three-phase, split-phase, or single phase
  • Powerful waveform synthesizer combined with high-resolution digitizer covers extensive test and evaluation requirements.
  • Ideal for Regulation Testing Standards: UL 1741SA, IEEE 1547, IEC 62116, IEC 61000-4-11(pre-compliance), 4-13, 4-14, 4-28, etc.

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