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9420 Series

AC Source with HiVARâ„¢ Technology Ideal for ATE use in Aviation, Aerospace, Defense, Military/Mission Critical Testing, Manufacturing Test, Research & Development & More!

Key Features:

• Voltage Range – 175/350VRMS, 200/400VDC • 7 models – 8kW/21kVA to 96kW/252kVA • Unique configuration flexibility provides for single, split, three-phase operation plus full-power DC • HiVARâ„¢ design eliminates derating nominal power due to reactive loads • Frequency – 30 to 880Hz • High-resolution waveform digitizer & scope display • Precision ultra-low current measurements • Seamless, constant-power operating envelope • Built-in 9” touch-panel user interface for manual control & measurement display • Graphical waveform editor for user-defined waveforms • High-level line disturbance programming Macros • External PC option to host NHR emPower® Test Sequencer • Alternate programming in LabVIEW, native SCPI, & other IVI-compliant languages • Improved power density results in half the panel height of traditional AC sources
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