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5700 Series

DC Power Supply Test System Model 5700 Engineering Characterization/Design Verification Test System - Fastest method of all-inclusive functional testing DC power supplies - Advanced multi-input measurement instrumentation - Library of prewritten characterization test routines - Engineering report writer with scope waveform captures. - Flexible configurations with 3rd party instrumentation. Applications The Engineering Characterization Test System, model 5700, is designed to yield comprehensive test data on a power supply with a minimum of programming effort. Such characterization testing is typically done in an engineering design-verification laboratory where the user’s own designs or vendor prototypes are evaluated. This type of extensive testing is also often required for high-reliability power supplies such as those used in defense avionics and other mission-critical applications. The 5700 test system is configurable with a wide variety of 3rd-party test instruments to meet special testing requirements. Contact us for more information and assistance in customizing a 5700 Engineering Characterization System.

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