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4600 Series

Programmable AC Electronic Loads - 6 sizes – 3 to 36 kW, 30 – 360 A, 50 – 350 V - Single and 3-phase configurations - 12 high-accuracy internal measurements - 100-step macro for per cycle loading changes - User-defined waveforms - CC, CR, CV, CP, SC, UPF and CNL emulation modes - PC control using Lab VIEW and IVI drivers - LAN, RS232, USB communication interface - PC softpanel GUI with current, voltage & power waveform display Applications The AC Electronic Loads (4600 Series) are designed for test applications that require linear and non-linear AC loading in several emulation modes with Power and Crest Factor control. This programmable versatility allows testing with a wide variety of potential field operating conditions to assure unit-under-test (UUT) reliability. Products tested include uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), AC sources, inverters, switches, circuit breakers, fuses and connectors.

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