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The MPI TS50 manual probe system has been specifically designed for IC Engineering, Single Die probing and academic use in DC/CV and RF measurement applications. The TS50 is engineered to its simplest form to allow convenient operation and providing quick set-up without compromising functionality and measurement capability. The XY stage enables fast and independent axis movement with fine and accurate XY-Theta micrometer positioning. The probe platen has 20 mm of fine height adjustment required to support various applications. The small footprint (300 x 300 mm) makes the MPI TS50 an ideal platform for load-pull and RF noise measurement environments. For RF applications, the TS50's 50mm chuck is installed with a auxiliary chuck built in ceramic material for accurate RF calibration. In addition, rectangular adjustment of the two port RF MicroPositioners is a standard feature to guarantee the alignment between the RF Probes.

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