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MT940 Series

Insight Calibration and Measurement Software

Welcome to Insight, the industry’s first commercial software suite designed to empower VNA users and help them make better decisions. Insight represents a paradigm shift in the way users approach VNA calibration, validation, measurement, visualization and analysis. With Insight, users can:

  • Use a single software platform with most commercial VNAs
  • Define mechanical calibration standards from any vendor and use with all VNAs
  • Avoid common errors with a simplified calibration process empowered by an intuitive GUI and wizard
  • Validate VNA calibration using airlines and individually characterized verification kits
  • Measure S-parameters and save S2P files for easy sharing
  • Understand measurement results better with advanced visualization and analysis tools
  • Identify and quantify the individual contributions of uncertainty
  • Display uncertainty boundaries alongside measurement results

MT940A Insight Calibration and Measurement software module includes everything needed to calibrate a VNA, validate VNA calibration, measure an RF device’s S-parameters, and visualize and analyze the measurement results. Features of MT940A include:

  • System library
  • Calibration wizard
  • Calibration validation wizard
  • Real-time measurement interface
  • Visualization and data analysis tool
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