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VA-1839 Gigabit Video Interface Protocol Analyzer

The GVIF (Gigabit Video Interface) protocol analyzer, VA-1839, supports the measurement and display of GVIF functions. VA-1839 makes it possible to evaluate GVIF equipment for each item of HDCP functions as well.


Receiver mode

This mode supports receival and analysis of GVIF signal from source equipment. Video timing, audio, and GVIF dedicated signal are measured in real-time, and it is determined whether the signal is correct according to GVIF specifications. One line video data and one-pixel video data can be captured and saved as well.

Generator mode

VA-1839 performs as a signal generator to output a wide variety of video timing and patterns compliant with GVIF specifications, which help evaluate GVIF sink equipment.

HDCP test

It is suitable for evaluating HDCP contents protection functions and supporting both source and sink equipment.

Data logging

Video and audio timing data, video data, HDCP status, etc. can be saved to USB device.

  • Pixel Clock: 7.6 to 90MHz
  • Color Space: RGB/YUV
  • Bit Width: 8bit
  • HDCP: Available for transmitting and receiving
  • Signal Type: SPDIF(COAX)/I2S
  • Sampling Frequency: SPDIF(COAX)/I2S
  • Display: 12inch LCD
  • Power Voltage: AC100V to 120V/200V to 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 50W max
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