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COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

COVID-19: Customer Information & Supplier Updates - Stay Informed

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Boonton 59318

Wideband Peak Power Sensor - For use with models 4500B, 4540 and 4530*

The overall performance of a power meter dependents on the power sensor employed. Boonton has a variety of quality power sensors to meet virtually all applications. Boonton has a complete line of Peak and Average power sensors up to 40 GHz for all of your fast rise time, wide bandwidth and wide dynamic range applications.

Calibration and Traceability

Boonton employs both a linearity calibration as well as a frequency response calibration. This maximizes the performance of Diode Sensors and corrects non-linearity on all ranges. Linearity calibration can be used to extend the operating range of a Diode Sensor. It can also be used to correct non-linearity throughout a Thermocouple or Diode sensor’s dynamic range. Frequency calibration factors (NIST traceable) and other data are stored within all peak power sensors. Linearity calibration is performed using the peak power meter’s built-in calibrator.

Sensor Selection

Boonton Diode Sensors are constructed using balanced diode detectors. This dual diode configuration offers increased sensitivity and harmonic suppression when compared to a single diode sensor. When choosing a power sensor, several factors must be considered including frequency range, dynamic range and modulation. The sensor should have a faster rise time than that of the modulated signal. Boonton offers various peak power sensors for a huge variety of frequency ranges allowing measurements with widest dynamic range and fastest rise times.

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Frequency range:

0.5 - 18 GHz

Dynamic range:

-24 to +20 dBm

-34 to +20 dBm

-10 to +20 dBm

Overload rating:

1 W for 1µs

200 mW

Fast risetime - Bandwidth:

<7 ns

(50 MHz typical)

Slow Risetime - Bandwidth:

<10 µs

(350 kHz)

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